Ambient Aura

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Who We Are

Ambient Aura was formed from a passion of the alternative, a belief in the higher consciousness and an interest bordering on obsession with ancient traditions and beliefs. 

My name is Andrea, I’m a medium, clairsentient and clairaudient and an angel card reader and the creation of this site is the fulfilment of a lifelong ambition. When the opportunity finally arose, I knew that the universe had decided it was time for me to share my love of traditions, spirituality and universal energy with all like minded souls. I believe Ambient Aura is about a way of life; it’s about promoting self-worth and exploring alternatives. It’s about peace and harmony and personal fulfilment. Ultimately it’s about growth, both of spirit and consciousness for the benefit of all those with a similar ethos. I have thoroughly researched all the products available on this site to ensure they will meet the needs of a broad spectrum of interests. You’ll also find brief explanations on the uses to most products to help you understand their purpose both now and in times gone by. This site is for anyone, whether you are beginning to discover that there is more out there than the convention or are a well-seasoned veteran on your chosen path I have made every effort to make sure my site has something for all. If not, I would welcome any suggestions or comments to help make my site more useful, either e-mail me or use the contact form

 To help those following specific paths we have also tailored the product selections to meet what I hope are your specific needs. My information section has been developed, with a little help from my partner, from extensive study. Its purpose is general awareness to aid understanding of concepts and practices, explanations and basic facts on traditions and beliefs. My mission is a simple one, to provide quality materials, items and information to help nurture a way of life, one that I firmly believe is the life that the universe intended. I am committed to continued development of my site so please check back with us, follow us on Facebook and pop in to read our Blog

 Thank you so much for visiting Ambient Aura and I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed the time spent here, Namaste.

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