Ambient Aura

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Ok, so where to begin? Fairly difficult as I could write a book but perhaps best to start with what they are and where they are. I will then tell you a little about my first requested sign and the proof I got. I feel truly blessed knowing what I know but there is absolutely no reason that you can't too!

So what or who is an Angel?

There is no easy answer to this really and different people will have different thoughts and views on this.

What I can tell you is that they are very much around...all the time!

There are lots of different angelic beings (too many to list infact), but they all have names and particular roles to fill, and each are able to help you out in any given situation. All you need to do is ask!

As human beings we all have free will and they are very aware of this but still they stand silently by our sides, waiting to be called upon.

So before I continue I will just add in here that I am absolutely NOT religious. I do not believe in 'God', never have and never will, but what I do believe in is a higher consciousness and it is here, I believe, that these beings of love & light reside.

If you have read the useful info page about Mediums and Psychics then you already know a little of my own background story, but despite already knowing that spirit absolutely existed I didn't really become aware of Angels until I was in my mid twenties. I shall not bore you with the details here but its safe to say I was not in a very good place in my life and just felt hopeless about everything in general.

One night, when I had all but given up, from nowhere but the dark of the room, I suddenly knew that something or someone was there. Rather than being afraid I just as suddenly knew I would be ok. Now this may just seem like I found some positive thoughts but trust me when I say nothing positive was going through my head at the time!

It is a very hard thing to try to describe unless you have experienced it for yourself but in that breif second or two of time I knew that I was being supported by something other than my own thoughts. It was like a huge hug from spirit.

Sure enough I got through it all but I never spoke about what had happened! Even though most knew I had regular conversations with the unseen I still feared that I may have been locked away if I dared mention it!

It wasn't for another ten years that this all suddenly came flooding back to me when by chance I happened to glance at a magazine on a shop shelf. The word 'Angel' jumped out at me so I purchased it and went home, boiled the kettle and sat down for a read. I remember at the time having finished it just thinking "Ok then, so all I need to do is ask? yeah right!" and laughed about it. I still laugh about it now but for very different reasons!

Next day, with torrential rain, two young children to get to school, and a new baby, I bundled all into the car and off I went. I turned up the radio to drown out the squabbling kids only to hear Annie Lennox singing about Angels. I smiled at the coincidence and thought "right come on then if you are there, give me a sign" (like that wasn't one!).

The rest of the trip was uneventful and I pulled up at home feeling disappointed and more than a little stupid for even thinking I would get a winged visit. The wind and rain still lashing, and baby under my arm, I scrambled for my door keys to get in quick!.....key located, baby crying, I looked up at the door.......and there, in the rain and howling wind, stuck fast to the keyhole....was the whitest, softest feather I had ever seen!

I must have just stood there open mouthed for a moment as it almost felt like the world stopped! Never mind why but how the heck was it stuck there?! there were bins fling across the street but yet this feather was just there, waiting for me. It didn't make any sense at all.

I very carefully took it off the keyhole it was covering and went inside. So there was the sign I asked for and I got it loud and clear!. To this day I still have the feather, inside a keyring as a reminder, and from that day on I found every book I could and told anyone that would listen about the Angels, and I didn't care if they did think I was a twig short of a bush!

I have had many more encounters since then, including an earth angel I will never ever forget, and various other encounters but suffice to say I know they ARE there and once you start to believe you will see, and not the other way around!

I am intending to write more stories of my own encounters but for now all I will say is each and every one of you is being supported, more than you could ever imagine :)

If you have an Angel story that you would like to share with me please email me at and put ANGEL STORY in the subject line.


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