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Chamomile is a soothing, gentle relaxant that has been known to work for a variety of complaints from menstrual cramps to stress. This herb has a lovely, apple like aroma and flavour (the name chamomile is derived from the Greek, meaning ground apple), and it's most often taken as a therapeutic tea. Concentrated extracts are also added to lotions and creams.
20g - £4.99


Our dried fern leaves are lightly fragranced with pine which gives it a wonderful fragrance.
In India they have used ferns for centuries believing they cure ailments such as, wounds and coughs.
10g - £4.99


Our dried French lavender is completely natural and chemical free. It is organically grown at the Chateau de la Gabelle, in the heart of Provencal lavender-growing country. Our lavender is light blue/grey in colour and has an very strong and long lasting fragrance. Coming from Lavender fields of Provence this lavender is high in oil so is ideal for filling lavender bags and pillows
30g - £4.99


Also know as calendula, marigold has a musky aroma. The marigold flower has been used for many alternative treatments. It is said to be a great remedy for pain and swelling. Lotions made from the marigold flower are used for eczema and psoriasis. Supplied in a clear plastic jar for decorative storage.

20g. - £4.99



Peppermint is often known as a cooling herb. Peppermint tea is used as a remedy for colds and infusions of equal parts of peppermint and elderflower can banish a cold or mild attack of flu . Peppermint tea is also used for palpitation of the heart. It is said to have marked antiseptic properties and is used  to stop nausea or vomiting, it is also a wonderful addition to a bath or foot spa to soothe tired feet.

20g - £4.99



What could be more relaxing than a lovely warm bath sprinkled with natural rose petals? Our rose petals have a wonderful ruby red colour and a beautiful fragrance, they can also be used for potpourri.
Supplied in clear jar. 
15g. - £4.99

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