Ambient Aura

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"Oh you're psychic aren't you?".....or" This is Andrea, she's a Psychic!"....ummmm no she isn't!

This is one of the most common mistakes most people make, not knowing the difference between a Psychic and a Medium, although sometimes I wonder if it would be a better choice, after all who doesn't want to know the winning lotto numbers?!

Of course there are also psychic mediums, just to confuse you further.

I am not a Psychic, I cannot read tea leaves or foretell the future, although I do use various tools which to some degree allow me to see things, but even then these things are on a personal level to the person I am reading for.

My gift is mediumshipship and although I feel truly blessed with every validation I receive, it is sometimes very difficult too. I say this because I am also, like many others, an Empath too so a lot of the time I am flooded with emotions that I do not want or expect and it still catches me off guard. It can be very exhausting.

Generally speaking, over the years I have learnt many tricks for closing off and I now have some very good techniques for doing just that.

So what is the difference between a Psychic and a Medium?

A Psychic is a person that has, or claims to have, the ability to sense future events using a variety of techniques. This may include things such as cards, leaves, objects belonging to a particular person, runes or just plain reading a person.

So what is a Medium?

A Medium is a person, that with the help of spirit energy, can tell you very precise and personal things that they would otherwise have no way of knowing. This can include message from spirit and occasionally a glimpse ahead.

More often than not the messages are ones of comfort and bring a sense of peace to the receiver.

Mediums rely on spirit energy and can tune in and out to this unseen force at will.

For me personally, more often than not, I have no idea who is with me or who the message is for, but having said that it is generally easy to find out as the information is so very personal. I do of course have regular visitors too but those are a close connection to me myself and I. I actually like not knowing what the message is about as it is even more special when a stranger can validate what you are telling them. This happens time and time again and I will never tire of it.


So how and when did I know I had this gift and why me? As far back as I can remember is the first answer, and why not is the second.

The truth is, we ALL have this ability! Surely not?...yes indeed! It just so happens that a few of us have fine tuned it.

 Don't believe me? Here are a couple of examples:

Have you ever walked into a room and suddenly thought 'there's a bad atmosphere in here'? I would hazard a guess that most have and more often than not you will quickly find out that there has been a disagreement or argument or something that's gone on. So how did you sense that? It wasn't something that you could physically see but yet you still picked up on that vibration. How about the time that you were thinking about someone and then you immediately get a call or message from them? Or how about that gut feeling you cannot shake?

The human body is capable of so much more than you can ever imagine and it is these subtle things that we as mediums learnt to harness from a young age. So now you understand the basics I will try and keep my personal story short:

As a very young child I had many 'imaginary friends', and I think I was about 9 or 10 years old when my Nan gave me a book. On the cover was an old but very friendly looking lady. It was a book all about a lady called Doris Stokes and I was very confused as to why Nan have given it to me.

Years later and I am still convinced that she knew something I didn't and there was a very definite reason she would have given a young girl such a thing. I still have this book today!

As I got to my dreaded teens I already knew I was odd. I didn't much like being around people and had just a few close friends, who in all honesty knew I was 'strange'.

I struggled with the constant rambling in my head and turned most of my time to drawing and other creative talents as it seemed to quiet down if I was concentrating on these things.

Before I knew it, childhood was over and I was myself a mother. It was only then that I started trying to figure out what was going on. I was fairly sensible and it didn't take long although I was still in a strange denial I guess, so rather than admit to hearing voices in my head I tried other things, like Tarot, as a way of getting messages across rather than risk being locked up!

I read Tarot cards for many years but eventually I tired of that too so I just gave in and tuned in. If I was in the company of someone that I thought would take me seriously then I disclosed the message. The only problem then was as I honed my off and on skills the lines just got busier. Thankfully I can can turn it on and off at will these days, although very occasionally I will be rudely interrupted!


So what is it like? Do I see dead people?

Pardon the humour but I had to get that in somewhere! Yes and No.

No I don't see very many 'ghosts', in the physical sense, although they are there. I am fairly pleased about that!

I do however see images of faces and things/objects, words, names, dates and so on.

To explain this in simple terms, it is just like your imagination, but it is different enough for me to know that it is not just an image etc that I have thought of.

For example: I have been thinking about all the housework I have to do mentally I am thinking about ironing, beds, mops, lazy kids etc etc. If its housework day and in between visualizing a huge pile of laundry I suddenly see a mans face, then I know it is not in my train of thought and will then try and 'tune in'. If a connection is made to spirit energy I will sometimes, (quite a lot actually), get a smell. Sometimes I will get words, a song, a get the idea.

Most of the time I either know, or can find out, who the message is for and its usually fairly quick but on the odd occasion I cannot place it. That is not so great as the energy will not go quietly until they have been heard and I can get very frustrated trying to quiet them.

As I've said before, we ALL have this ability. Think of it like radio know they are turn the dial to tune into the frequency yet you cannot see them! So if I asked you the question 'why do you believe they exist?' what would you say? Something like, 'they must exist because I can hear it!'? Of course they do!

We have so many more senses than the simple ones we use in our everyday lives. If you feel that you have a gift why wouldn't you want to give it to everyone?

So a Medium yes, Clairaudient yes (clear seeing), and Clairsentient yes (clear feeling). I wouldn't have it any other way!

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