Ambient Aura

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When researching trees for this article we were amazed at just how much resources are out there. It can certainly be said that trees have their roots firmly in traditions and legend, forming the backbone of belief.

One thing is sure that humanity wouldn’t be where it is today without them. The heat from the fire that keeps us warm and the countless uses around the home. 

Take a moment to look around you, how many wooden things do you see?

Some less known uses for trees lay in their healing properties, some may know that the Willow Bark is a source for common drug Aspirin, but less will know that Silver Birch bark is a natural anaesthetic and antiseptic. Similarly, less known will be trees properties as a natural dye. Alder bark for example, is useful if you want orange.

So, with the provision of warmth from fire, the structural properties for building homes, food from their fruits, healing from the bark and in some cases, leaves and even their abilities to provide natural dyes to name only a few of its uses, little wonder then the magnificent tree sits at the core to our existence.

The tree calendar stems from Celtic traditions and the table below is generally where each tree fits in, we have expanded the calendar to show other useful information about trees, both practical and magical, and hope you find it useful.

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