Ambient Aura

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Juniper wood was most commonly used to burn al though not for its heat, rather for its smoke. 
Burning juniper wood gives off minimal smoke and the smoke is highly aromatic. In ancient times it was used for the ritual purification of temples. The smoke is said to aid clairvoyance, and can be burned for purification and to stimulate contact with the Otherworld at the Samhain fire festival.
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Cedar wood is said to enhance beauty and improve wisdom. 

It is also commonly used for protection during rituals to summon helpful spirits.

Place cedar above a doorway for to drive away negativity. 

Great for general protection, the shavings of cedar wood can be burnt to cleanse and dedicate spaces that are scared.

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Pinion wood, especially when burned, has a distinctive fragrance, making it a common wood to burn.
Pinion is said to be protective, healing, and nurturing.
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As with traditional sage, great for purification and cleansing.

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